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orthodontist in islamabad
Dr Saeed Mustafa
BDS MDS - Consultant Orthodontist
dental surgeon
Dr Syeda Mahinu
BDS , MS HCM - Dental Surgeon
Family Dentist
Dr Arfaa Aslam
BDS - Family Dentist
BDS dentist
Dr Asfand Sohail
BDS - Associate Dental Surgeon
Dr Abiha Arshad Family Dentist
Dr Abiha Arshad
BDS - Family Dentist
Dr Zohra Mansoor Family Dentist
Dr Zohra Mansoor
BDS - Associate Dental Surgeon
cosmetic dentist
Dr Maham Arshad
BDS - Cosmetic Dentist
Dr A.K Zalan
Dr A-K Zalan
BDS, MDS, MHR - Consultant Pediatric and General Dentist
Endodontist In Islamabad
Dr Harris Saeed
BDS - Endodontist
Restorative Dentist
Dr Zainab liyas
BDS, MDS-1 - Restorative Dentist
Dr Anum Moiz - Operative Dentist and Endodontist
Dr Anum Moiz
FCPS - Operative Dentist and Endodontist